Go Girl Fish Fishing Charters
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We are located in Gloucester, Ma on beautiful Cape Ann. Go Girl Fish provides three vessels for your chosen Charter. We can affordably accommodate from one up to six anglers. Half day...full day or just a ride around Cape Ann. Just let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Imagine the thrill as we slide up to a pod of feeding Humpback Whales or witnessing the acrobatic leaps of Atlantic White Sided Dolphin! Every trip is an adventure!





 Jeff Piraino lands a Blue Shark under the guidance of Captain Jamie.

Whether your charter is targeting Haddock and Cod, Striped Bass or Bluefish, we are always prepared for the unexpected hook up.

We regularly set out a live bait while Groundfishing. You just never know what may swim by and take a free tasty morsel!

Jeff Piraino with Captain Jamie lands a Blue Shark
About Us

Go Girl Fish was just a "thought" I had one day. Truth be told: I LOVE TO FISH! I wanted to offer folks a wonderful, easy going adventure on the water. Whether you are a "newbie" or a seasoned angler, I'm sure we will make your time with us a memorable one!