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We are located in Gloucester, Ma on beautiful Cape Ann. Go Girl Fish provides three vessels for your chosen Charter. We can affordably accommodate from one up to six anglers. Half day...full day or just a ride around Cape Ann. Just let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Whatever your adventure is, plan to HAVE FUN!




Everyday is an adventure on the water. We have seen Humpback, Pilot, Minke, Fin and Right Whales.

Quite often we come across Atlantic White Sided Dolphin. It is great fun to watch them ride the bow wave & leap into the air!

There are also numerous seabirds, such as the spectacular diving Gannets. We have seen many seals both on and offshore as well as a Sea Turtle!

On one single day, we spotted THIRTEEN Basking Sharks!


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